Rénovation appartement Haussmannien Paris Salon

Renovation and decoration for investment property, Paris Cherche-Midi

Objective : Total refurbishment of 130m² Haussmannien Apartment for a private investor to be used for short term leases.  
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Interface Design in Elle Deco

Interface Design in Elle Deco december 2016
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Kaufman et Broad Rueil Malmaison

Branding Strategy : Six “Boutiks” completed for Kaufman and Broad

Nice, Rennes, Nantes, Caen, La Rochelle et Rueil Malmaison.
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Branding Strategy

Design guidelines concept for a real estate developer with sales offices throughout France. Objective : Create a warm and welcoming environment with a contemporary home-like ambiance. The first 3 offices in Nice, Caen and Rennes to be completed in July.
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